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Episode 93: Gail Steiger (Part 1)


Photo by Jessica Lifland.

Working cowboy, filmmaker, songwriter, and poet Gail Steiger talks about his family background, Arizona politics, writing cowboy songs, and tells the fascinating story of how he got into the cow business. 

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Bonus Episode: The Story of Jack Thorp


This bonus episode of Cowboy Crosroads features a segment that Andy Hedges narrated for the American Songcatcher podcast about the first cowboy song collector Jack Thorp. 

In March 1889, Jack Thorp, a born-to-privilege Easterner who had grown into a leather-tough…

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Episode 92: The King Ranch (Part 2)



Bob Kinnan, the resident historian of the iconic King Ranch gives an overview of the history of the King Ranch from the ending of the Civil War to modern times and discusses the life and legacy of National Golden Spur…

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Episode 91: The King Ranch (Part 1)

Bob Kinnan, the resident historian of the iconic King Ranch discusses his background and interest in ranching history and tells the story of the King Ranch from 1853 to the end of the Civil War.  

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Episode 90: William Matthews

Photo by Jessica Lifland.

Legendary western artist William Matthews discusses his early life and influences, traveling the world, painting album covers, using watercolor as a medium, and discovering and painting the buckaroo culture of the Great Basin. 

Episode 89: Roll On, Cowboys (Part 2)

Andy Hedges previews his new album "Roll On, Cowboys" and takes a close look at the songs on the second disc with special guests Rod Taylor, Dom Flemons, Pipp Gillette, Corb Lund, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Michael Martin Murphey, Tom Russell…

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Episode 88: Roll On, Cowboys (Part 1)

Andy previews his new album "Roll On, Cowboys" and takes a close look at the songs with special guests Brenn Hill, Dom Flemons, Corb Lund, Pipp Gillette, Tom Russell, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Brigid Reedy, Waddie Mitchell, and Andy Wilkinson. 

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Episode 87: Bob Moorhouse

Cowboy, photographer and retired General Manager of the Pitchfork Ranch Bob Moorhouse talks about managing the Pitchfork Ranch, pulling out the wagon, tradition, cowboy etiquette, photography, horses, and preserving the authentic cowboy image. 

This episode is sponsored by the National…

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Episode 86: Brigid Reedy

Photo by John Reedy. 

Singer, songwriter, poet, and fiddler Brigid Reedy talks about growing up in Montana, the influence of her parents, playing music with her brother, attending the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, reciting poetry with Wallace…

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Episode 85: Jon Means

Fourth-generation rancher Jon Means tells stories from a lifetime of ranching in the Davis Mountains of West Texas. Jon talks about his great-grandfather coming to West Texas in 1884, ranching in the desert, stewardship, and the challenges that face ranching…

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Episode 84: Andy Nelson

Cowboy poet, humorist, and farrier Andy Nelson talks about traveling the Great Basin with his farrier father, his horse shoeing and cowboy mentors, cowboy humor, and writing poetry.

Find out more about Andy Nelson at www.cowpokepoet.com


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Episode 83: Deanna Dickinson McCall

Photo by Anita Crane.

Fifth-generation rancher and poet Deanna Dickinson McCall shares stories about her ranching heritage, raising her family on a ranch in the remote Great Basin region of Nevada, and absorbing the cowboy poetry tradition…

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Episode 82: Jimmie Powell

Photo by Kathleen Jo Ryan.


94 year-old, third generation rancher Jimmie Powell shares stories from a lifetime of ranching in West Texas. Jimmie discusses raising sheep and cattle, ranching conservation practices, his friendship with Elmer Kelton, and…

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Episode 79: John Lacey

Third-generation California rancher and Golden Spur Award recipient John Lacey talks about his grandfather first coming to the Owens Valley in 1870, the values he learned from his father, raising Quarter Horses, and the challenges in the future for…

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Episode 76: Trinity Seely

Singer/songwriter Trinity Seely talks about growing up in the remote Chilcotin country of British Columbia, working on ranches in Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Montana, becoming the Director of the Horse Program at The Thatcher School, and conveying emotion…

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Episode 75: Dr. Charles "Bud" Townsend (Part 2)


Part 2 with rodeo announcer, boot salesman, history professor, and writer Dr. Charles "Bud" Townsend. In this episode Dr. Townsend talks about teaching history, how rodeo influenced his academic career, and how he became a salesman with…

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All episodes recorded, edited, and produced by Andy Hedges.

Theme music: Texas Traveler by Hal Cannon.