Episode 13: Randy Rieman (Part 1)

Respected horseman, rawhide braider, and reciter, Randy Rieman, reflects on the beginnings of his cowboy career in Montana, his early mentors, and the influence of legendary horsemen, Tom & Bill Dorrance.

Episode 12: Paul Zarzyski (Part 2)

Rodeo poet Paul Zarzyski talks about falling in love with the sound of words, writing songs with Ian Tyson and Wylie Gustafson, how to become an extreme creativist, and reads a brand new song lyric.

Episode 11: Paul Zarzyski (Part 1)

Paul Zarzyski talks about watching westerns with his father, how he became a bronc rider, giving of yourself as an artist, adopted humpback whales, and more!

Episode 10: Ranch Work Meets Music with Martha Scanlan

Martha Scanlan talks about the first song she wrote, finding the groove in ranch work and music, and plays a stunning version of her song, "The Shape Of Things Gone Missing, The Shape Of Things to Come."

Episode 8: Ramblin' Jack Elliott (Part 2)

The legendary Ramblin' Jack Elliott tells stories about a singing rodeo clown, Buck Ramsey, the White House, Gregory Peck, and Bill & Hillary Clinton.