Episode 28: Charlie Goodnight with Andy Wilkinson (Part 1)

Lubbock songwriter Andy Wilkinson shares stories, observations, and anecdotes about his distant uncle Charlie Goodnight. Tune in to hear about the Goodnight-Loving Trail, the first chuckwagon, and the death of Charlie Goodnight.

Episode 27: The Old Double Diamond with Gary McMahan

"The Old Double Diamond" is one of the few modern cowboy songs to become a classic. In this episode, Gary McMahan tells the story behind his classic song. Along the way, he discusses his musical influences, the cattle…

Episode 25: New York to Texas with Pipp Gillette (Part 1)

Texas rancher and musician Pipp Gillette talks about the beginnings of his grandfather's ranch in East Texas, his parents meeting in New York City, spending childhood summers in Texas with his brother, and ultimately coming home to the…

Episode 24: Rod Taylor

Photo by Martin Schreiber.

New Mexico cowpuncher and musician Rod Taylor talks about the beginnings of his cowboy career, being a camp man, roping a buffalo, acting in a Toyota commercial, and his friendship with cowboy…

Episode 23: Hal Cannon

Photo by Betty Rodgers

Folklorist and musician Hal Cannon talks about growing up in the Salt Lake City folk scene, the founding of the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, and the influence of tradition.

Episode 22: Mike Beck (Part 2)

Mike Beck returns in part 2 of his interview and speaks with passion on the Dorrance brothers, horses, music, and plays a song from the California coast.

Episode 21: Mike Beck (Part 1)

California songwriter and horseman Mike Beck talks about growing up in Monterey, California, working with Tom and Bill Dorrance, cowboyin' on the Spanish Ranch, and shares a new song written for Merle Haggard.

Episode 20: Chuck Hawthorne

Chuck Hawthorne talks about the three passions of his life: cowboy culture, the military, and music. He also shares the story of how he never met Buck Ramsey and plays a stirring version of a new song.

Episode 19: Don Edwards

Grammy nominated cowboy singer Don Edwards talks about his early days, the White Elephant Saloon, the importance of Jack Thorp, cowboy music and the blues, the solo tradition, guitar playing, and more.

Episode 18: Tom Russell

Tom Russell shares stories about picking up Robert Hunter in a taxicab, writing songs with Ian Tyson, playing music behind a snake handler, the advice he would give a young songwriter and more! This episode also includes a…

Episode 17: On the Road with Ramblin' Jack

Rick Hastie shares stories from 28 years of friendship with the legendary Ramblin' Jack Elliott. Rick is a horseman, sailor, and part-time road manager for Ramblin' Jack.