Episode 45: Colter Wall

Photo by Jessica Brandi Lifland.


Colter Wall discusses growing up in Saskatchewan, his interest in cowboy culture, old-time cowboy songs, his 1937 Martin guitar, what it means to be a folksinger and his album Songs of the Plains.


Today's episode is sponsored by Republic Boot Company.

Andy recites "The Sierry Petes" by Gail I. Gardner.

Quotes from this episode

“Back at the beginning 

of the ‘big folk scare’ about nineteen-sixty-one 

singing about the ‘mule skinner’s blues’ 

Pastures of Plenty 

and Tom Joad 

like a character 

out of Kerouac’s 

“On the Road” 

pickin’ guitar 

tellin’ jokes 

tellin’ lies, mad 

as a hatter 

we were all wantin’ 

to know how it was 

where it all came from 

Ramblin’ Jack 

handed it to us 

on a silver platter.”

- Peter Rowan

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Recorded, edited, and produced by Andy Hedges. 

Theme music: Texas Traveler by Hal Cannon.

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